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What is Zinc?

Zinc is vital for over 200 chemical reactions in the body and is found in every cell, adequate levels of zinc are essential for good health.

Good sources of Zinc include:

Oysters, roast beef, crab, sardines, pumpkin and sesame seeds, eggs and cheese. The main functions of Zinc are:

The key functions of Zinc are:

  • Contributes to the production of one of the body’s most important antioxidant chemicals and is associated with having an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Healthy sex organs, reproduction (especially sperm production) and prostate gland required for making proteins and growing cells, therefore needed for wound healing, tissue regeneration, foetal development and general growth
  • Immune function, deficiency increases susceptibility to infection by being directly anti-viral and also central to the production of our own bodies antibodies that fight infection.
  • Component of DNA and RNA
  • Involved in the production of energy in the body
  • Involved in the control of hormone levels and balance

Without Zinc, our sense of taste and smell are reduced and our appetites often decrease.

Common signs of low levels of Zinc are: acne, frequent infections, stretch marks, tendency to depression or loss of appetite. Like many minerals absorption depends on adequate stomach acid. Phytates and Oxylates , high calcium intake, excess sugar and alcohol reduce levels in the body. Supplements are generally well absorbed, however Zinc Piccolinate and citrate or an amino acid chelate are easier than Zinc Sulphate or Zinc Oxide.

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