Demanding Lifestyles, Stress

Does a time of Crisis have you reaching for Comfort Food?

You know that feeling when your knees go weak and all the blood drains from your face? If you have just been told some horrible news or had a nasty shock, your mind becomes anxious and your body goes into …


Demanding Lifestyles, Energy, Everyday Health, Exercise & Sport

When the nights draw in

It is tempting, when the nights draw in to come home from the day’s activities, get changed into cosy pull-ons, warm up by the fire and comfort eat. Hey, we’re in winter clothes now so who’s looking?! The wintery weather …

Female - Hormonal 50s

Demanding Lifestyles, Menopause, Mood, PMS, Women's Wellbeing

Women’s Troubles…..of the hormonal sort

It is a disempowering concept being ‘taken over’ by your hormones. All human beings like to be in control of the way that they feel, their health and the way that they behave. This control can feel especially important to …

Wheat field

Allergy, Demanding Lifestyles

So what is it about wheat……… often just doesn’t agree with us

The thing about wheat is that it may not be that good for many of us. Bread, cakes, biscuits and pasta are such fundamental parts of our modern, Western diet that the thought of a diet without them can be …


Demanding Lifestyles, Mood

Got the blues? foods to help beat depression

The word depression is used widely in our everyday language to describe feeling down, but this mental health condition can range from mild to extremely serious. We are a nation in the grip of an epidemic – a study in 2003 …


Demanding Lifestyles, Urban Lifestyles

Urban lifestyles: Why city living is good for your health!

Urban living gets a hard time in the minds of those who live in the city. This can be a bit demoralising for those of us who really care about our health and feel that we are doing our best …

Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughing

Demanding Lifestyles, Urban Lifestyles

Urban Lifestyles; Healthy eating on the run – a how to guide.

Seven Seas researchers have identified a segment of our population that are living in our nation’s major cities and  are ‘in the fast lane’,  eating on the run. They report that they have excellent health and do look after themselves: …


Demanding Lifestyles, Urban Lifestyles

Urban Lifestyles; healthy living and the urban environment

Living a busy life in one of the UK’s major cities is the norm for many of us. Our research suggests that those of you who do are very good at looking after your health1. You are more likely to …

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