what vitamins do i need?

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What vitamins should I take? What nutrients do I need?

It seems that each week we are bombarded with stories about which food is “good” or “bad” or which nutrient will either kill or cure us. Today we have access to, and are exposed to, more information than ever before about …


Everyday Health, Nutrients Database, Nutrition

Are you Nutrition Aware?

  At a time when food appears to dominate discussion in the media there is a concern that this obsession has not had an entirely positive impact on diet and nutrition on a day-to-day level. Our diets today remain out …

Everything you need to know about For You, For Life


Everything you need to know about Seven Seas – For You For Life

Welcome to Seven Seas Life – a site brought to you by Seven Seas Ltd – that will give you the opportunity to explore, read and learn about nutrition, health and the role of vitamin and mineral supplements. At Seven …

Cheerful pregnant woman with healthy food.


Iodine deficiency in pregnancy linked to low IQ in children

Pregnant women should ensure adequate iodine intake after a new study [1] identified that a deficiency in the mineral can lead to reduced mental development in children. The study of 1,000 pregnant women, conducted by Surrey and Bristol Universities, found …

Soya Portrait

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Soy – What’s is all about?

To many of us the growth of soy products on the market seems a bit of a mystery. No matter how huge the market is, there seems to be plenty of confusion about whether these foods are healthy or not.


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Mental Health – Worries As We Age

It is a universal fear for those approaching their later years, ‘What if I lose my marbles?’. The sad reality is that depending on how long you live, your chances of suffering from age related mental decline increases hugely. In …

what vitamins do i need?

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Nutritional Supplements & Medications – What to be aware of?

Within this article we want to highlight the considerations you should be aware of when taking nutritional supplementation and making food choices alongside common medications. Modern medicine is fantastic! It has saved so many lives through the wonders of medicine, the …


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Does a time of Crisis have you reaching for Comfort Food?

You know that feeling when your knees go weak and all the blood drains from your face? If you have just been told some horrible news or had a nasty shock, your mind becomes anxious and your body goes into …

I can't stand the cold!

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Winter Is Coming – Don’t Feel Cold All The Time!

Do you feel that with the weather getting colder, you seem to suffer from the cold far more than others? Are you wrapped up in your thermals, complete with scarf, two pairs of socks and winter boots a couple of …


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When the nights draw in

It is tempting, when the nights draw in to come home from the day’s activities, get changed into cosy pull-ons, warm up by the fire and comfort eat. Hey, we’re in winter clothes now so who’s looking?! The wintery weather …


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The benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

2% of people in the UK are vegetarian; the largest group of vegetarians are teenagers(1). Eating plant based foods, eggs and dairy products including cheese, milk and cream is defined as lacto-ovo-vegetarian. If eggs are excluded: the definition is lactovegetarian. …

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